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HANDMADE SOAPS (choose variant)

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ENCHANTRESS - Amber, Wild Berries, Driftwood, Vanilla, White Lilly. A marbled pink soap with silver mica sprinkled top.

LAVENDER & WHITE AMBER - English Lavender, White Amber and soft Vanilla. Coloured in swirls of purple white and black with silver mica scattered top.

ANGLESEY HONEY - Beehive Honey laced with Meadow Flowers. This soap is infused with local Honey and has added coffee grounds, also some gold mica on top.

NAG CHAMPA - Sweet, smokey incense rounded off with dark Patchouli oil. Coloured with blue and white swirlings and decorated with a scattering of Caraway seeds.

MOON GODDESS - A complex Lunar inspired blend of pure essential oils, main notes; Bergamot, Anise, Lemon & Patchouli. A moon white bar with midnight blue night sky swirls and a starlight sprinkle on top, also contains poppy seeds.

ROSE GERANIUM - Rose Geranium flowers with hints of herbaceous Lemon leaf. A dusky pink and white swirled soap.

RIVER RAPIDS - Awaken your senses with crushed Eucalyptus leaves, aromatic Rosemary & refreshing Mint. An aqua and white coloured swirly bar with a silver mica splattered top.

BABOOSHKA - Winter spices of nutmeg & clove blended with aromatic Palo Santo sticks and the essence of a snow frosted forest. The bar is a swirly marbling of red, charcoal and winter white, topped with gold mica flashings.

ABOUT OUR SOAP : Real cold process handmade luxury soap. Enriched with heaps of organic Cocoa Butter and natural oils. The bars undergo a 6 week period of traditional air curing.
All our handmade soaps are long lasting and yield a super rich and creamy, bubbly lather. No sulphates or preservatives, and all soaps are vegan except for our real honey soap.
The bars come hand wrapped in waxed paper and our unique card soap band. They make ideal gifts or why not just treat yourself to a luxury soap. Our soaps are chunky
big bars with average weight of 135g.  
GOOD TO KNOW : parabens free, no sulphates, no preservatives, not tested on animals, plastic free.

MAIN INGREDIENTS : coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, olive oil, aqua, glycerine, cocoa butter, shea butter. (any allergens are listed on label, also please note all other added ingredients will be listed on the soap label as they will vary slightly with different soaps.)