Spirit of the Isle




A traditional 100% natural shaving soap. With added green clay to help provide a gliding action under the blade, green clay is also known to help remove impurities, tightening the pores and tone the skin. We use a traditional (and palm oil free) recipe, comprising of food grade premium tallow and cocoa butter wich gives a superiour creamy lather with a low bubble factor - ideal for shaving, we also combine olive and rapeseed oil into this soap for their wonderful skin conditioning properties.
The bars are scented with a blend of Patchouli, Lime & Cinnamon essential oils or Teakwood fragrance oil..
Weight 115g.
*100% Natural, palm oil free, plastic free, not tested on animals, traditional recipe, no artificial colours added.
INGREDIENTS : sodium tallowate (british tallow), sodium lardate (british lard), sodium cocoa butterate (cocoa butter), aqua (welsh spring water), glycerine (vegetable), sodium olivate (olive oil), sodium rapeseedate (rapeseed oil), green (illite) clay, essential oils. (any allergens will be on label.)

These are natural 'soap based' shampoo's and do not perform in the quite the same way as a 'detergent based' liquid shampoo would but if you intend to keep to a more 'natural and environmentally friendly way of hair-care, then they are your best option. A transitional phase can be expected whilst your scalp adjusts to this natural regimen and vinegar rinses can help with the adjustment.
Weight 70 - 80g.
*Choose option from drop down menu :-
ROSEMARY & COFFEE - best for normal hair. Contains added Coffee and Rosemary oil, said to enrich + add gloss to dark hair tones. Vegan.
COCONUT & SHEA - Pure unscented and 100% natural Shampoo bar, enriched with heaps of Shea butter. For all hair types.
CINNAMON & SILK - with added Silk Amino Acid Protein to help strengthen + protect the hair also contains Cinnamon Leaf oil said to stimulate + promote hair growth.

GOOD TO KNOW : plastic free, cruelty free, no detergents or sulphates, paraben free.